Dry Eye

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If you have a dry and scratchy feeling or a burning sensation, you may be experiencing dry eye. Dry eye symptoms can have an impact not only on your vision, but it can take away from your overall day to day activities. With our offices located throughout Raleigh and Clayton, NC areas, we give you a team of ophthalmologists that will combat your dry eye symptoms. We have a wide array of treatment options for your dry eye symptoms and we even consult you on how to prevent dry eye in the future. In order to determine if you are suffering from this syndrome, it is important to make an appointment with our dry eye specialists at Raleigh Ophthalmology. If you live in the Raleigh and Clayton, North Carolina areas, schedule a consultation with our team today!

What Causes Dry Eyes?

The exact causes of Dry Eye Syndrome are still being researched by the medical community, but it has been determined that Dry Eye Syndrome is a multi-factorial disease that has many causes, some inside of your body and some outside of your body, such as your living and working environment. Certain systemic diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or Sjögren’s Syndrome can cause also cause dry eyes. Some prescription medications and over the counter medicine can also lead to dry eyes. Some medications that are known to cause dry eye are antihistamines, such as Benadryl, some blood pressure medications, and anti-depressants among many others. Smoking can also put you at risk for developing Dry Eye Syndrome.

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Treatment Options

Dry Eye Syndrome is difficult to cure, but there are treatments we offer to the residents of Raleigh to help reduce the effects of Dry Eye:

  • Dry eye drops – Certain over the counter drops can help relieve dry eyes in the short term. Artificial tears are available without a prescription and can be used as often as necessary for relief.
  • Lid hygiene – Your eyelids and the oil glands within your eyelids are an important factor in Dry Eye Syndrome. Your doctor will discuss options for treating your lids, which will, in turn, help you with your dry eyes.
  • Punctal Plugs – These plugs are inserted to help keep more of your natural tears on the surface of your eye.
  • Nutraceuticals or dry eye vitamins – Certain vitamins such as omega-3 supplements have been shown to significantly help Dry Eye Syndrome. In most cases, consistent, daily usage is required for good results.
  • Prescription medications – There are several prescription medicines such as Restasis and Xiidra that can now be used to treat dry eye
  • Autologous serum tears – While not FDA approved, special eye drops that are made from your own blood can now be made and can be very effective in the treatment of dry eye that has not responded to other types of treatment. Raleigh Ophthalmology is excited to offer this treatment option to our patients with severe dry eye.

Do you think you may be suffering from dry eye? Schedule an appointment at our Raleigh offices today.