Multifocal IOLs

Are you ready to be free of reading glasses or bifocals? The advanced TECNIS® Multifocal Lens enables you to see clearly at near, intermediate, and far distances with greatly reduced dependency on glasses.

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Our eyes are continuously focusing on an object at different distances. Whether it be watching television, sitting at a computer or driving, our eyes automatically focus on different things at different distances quite quickly. As we age, the ability for our eyes to change focus, or accommodate, weakens, which leads to the need for bifocals and reading glasses.

The TECNIS® Multifocal Lens is implanted during cataract surgery to replace the natural lens, which has become clouded by cataracts. This new lens can provide enhanced visual quality and a full range of vision, giving patients and increased independence from reading glasses and bifocals.

Exceptional Full Range of Vision

Standard vision with a Monofocal lensThis image demonstrates what you might see with a standard monofocal lens. Although the intermediate and distance vision is clear, notice how the coffee cup is blurry.

Standard vision with a Multifocal Lens This image demonstrates vision with the TECNIS® Multifocal Lens, you can see the coffee cup close up, the dashboard at intermediate, as well as road signs in the distance—all clearly.

Nighttime Driving

Example of halos after Cataract Surgery

Immediately after surgery, some patients may notice rings around lights when driving at night. However, as the eye adjusts to the lens, the visual impression of rings may lessen or go away over time.

Am I A Candidate?

Tecnis Multifocal IOL

If you are diagnosed with cataracts and are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms, you may be a candidate for the TECNIS® Multifocal Lens:

  • Difficulty reading
  • Difficulty seeing close objects
  • Difficulty seeing to drive, especially at night
  • Changing glasses prescriptions
  • Needing bifocals

Ask your doctor if the TECNIS® Multifocal Lens is an option that is right for your lifestyle and eye health.