Laser Cataract Surgery


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In traditional cataract surgery, a small blade is used to create several small incisions in the the cornea in order to gain access to the cataract. Next, a small opening is made into the “shell” or capsule that holds the cataract in place just behind the colored part of your eye, the iris. Ultrasound or “phacoemulsification” technology is then used to break the cataract into small pieces, which are then removed from the eye.

In laser-assisted cataract surgery, certain steps of the surgery that were once performed by hand are now automated by laser technology. Laser technology using the LenSx machine can allow for much greater precision and reliability during these steps of the procedure. Because the laser breaks up the cataract into small pieces, much less ultrasound energy is typically used to remove the cataract when compared to traditional cataract surgery, which can help protect other delicate structures of the eye including the cornea. Special incisions called limbal relaxing incisions (LRI) can also be made using the laser, which can reduce more astigmatism than traditional cataract surgery.

What are the advantages of LenSx vs. traditional cataract surgery?

  • Precision: LenSx automates some of the most crucial steps of cataract surgery
  • Control: LenSx offers real-time images to guide the surgeon for proper alignment
  • Less ultrasound energy used to remove the cataract
  • Better astigmatism management than traditional methods



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